Windows 7 HD icon lost


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I have my hard drive partitioned into two drives c: & d:
For some reason the icon is ok for c: drive but the one for d: has lost its icon and has the default icon - I can't seem to find where in the registry where I can recreate the icon for this - can anyone help?
Hello Tony,

That is the default behavior for drives other than C:

You can right-click on the drive, choose properties, then browse to the C:\windows\system32\shell32.dll or imageres.dll file and change it here.
Hi - have tried all those kinds of suggestions and nothing is working. Firstly, you can't browse the icon for the drives as you can many of the other icons/folders - I had to install Icon Packager from Stardock which I used with my Vista machine. This then gives me an icon option in the properties dialog but I can change the shell32.dll icon to something else but the actual icon doesn't change and once I have applied and closed the dialog then re-open it reverts back to the same link:
Have looked all over and tried deleting icon cache also but no luck!

When you go to to properties of a drive, under the Customize tab, it only allows you to change the icon to a .bmp, .jpg, jpeg, gif, png, , ico, wmf, jfif, jpeg, fpz, or mix.

Which is rather strange because the dialog box states "Choose file"

Apparently this doesn't mean a .dll file as i suggested earlier.