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Hello users of,

I need some help. As I read from different sources, I do not have any drivers available for my HD3850 in Windows 8. Well, I want to know if there are any methods to make Windows 7 drivers to work.

Thank you!
Hello marsse3,
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Have you tried this driver; AMD Catalyst

On one of my builds, I was running a HD3450 and if I'm not mistaken, I got the 1st driver through Windows Update, then installed the driver from the link I just provided, also, I don't remember if I ran it in compatibility mode, I'm pretty sure I didn't, but I do know that I used the AMD driver suite for that card in Windows 8 with no problems.

Hope this helps

You can use the 12.6 legacy drivers they install and work fine. No copat mode required. However you may have to install the driver itself through device manager :)
Ok guys, thank you for your support. I will try to install the 12.6 driver and I'll come back with results.
After a week in an unexpected trip, I finally went back to my PC. The CCC installs fine, but no driver. Device manager says the default driver is the best. What should I do?

L.E.: Nothing works, in C:\Program Files\ATI is just CIM install..
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Hello marsse3,

In "Device Manager" expand "Display Adapters", then right click on the ATI driver, then click on "Update", then choose "Browse my computer for Driver software", direct it to the folder in;
C:\AMD\Support\12-8_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql\Packages\Drivers\Display, or;
Yours may show something a little different and you may also get a prompt that, "the driver version you wish to install is older than the one currently installed" or something to that affect, so just install anyway.

Keep us updated

Hello Don,
Thank you for your support. It worked like a charm. But, remember, 12.6 worked for me, tried also with 12.8 but it didn't work. All games starting with Battlefield 3 work fine now thanks to your help.