HDD problems

I have 3 Hard drives on my pc, one for the OS one for photos, backup etc, and one for my bluray backups. I went to watch a movie the other day and my hard drive with my bluray movies had dissapered. Now i've searched absolutly everywhere for some advice with no luck, it was not showing in my bios, nor my computer or disk managment. i ve since taken it out of my pc and put in a external casing and plugged it in via usb, it now comes up in my disk managment but it comes up "disk 6 unknown", if i rigght click on it the initialize disk is greyed out. I'm praying someone on here has a solution and please dont tell me the solution is the garbage. Thanx in adavnce, G.


I hate to ask this but before you switched this drive to USB did you check to make sure the power plug was secured and either the SATA or IDE connections were secure?

In the BIOS try to redetect all drives. Also in the USB section make sure USB is enabled. Since I do not know what model or motherboard you have there can be different settings in the USB BIOS area.

Next see if the drive is active, or set to Primary or a Logical drive. I do not use Windows 7 disk management or Partitioner so I do not know the exact functions of it since I use a 3d party one. Since you now use it as USB it would be a external drive now also. Since it is USB and not an extension of another drive your files should show up. Check device manager USB and see if the drive is showing up there as a USB device then click on it then it should show properties. Make sure it is enabled and not disabled. Under windows 7 make sure that the use of this device is allowed

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