Windows 7 Help - blank screen


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I have been using Windows 7 without any major hiccups for about a month. I decided to "upgrade" my Kapersky internet security program to Norton 360 v. 3. That's when the well-documented problems started (e.g. unable to do an "unforced" shut down, unable to use Windows Update, etc.). So I rolled my installation to a prior system restore point and was met with a black screen with white mouse pointer.

I can't seem to find the Windows recovery disc that is required to repair whatever was corrupted. Worst case scenario, I could borrow one from my brother, but that will take a week or so to obtain. Any suggestions to recover without use of the recovery disc or does anyone know where I can burn a recovery DVD as the beta download is now shut down? Thanks!
No offense, but "upgrading" to Norton isn't really a good idea, especially since Kapersky know supports Windows 7.

Do you have another restore point to go back to?

Try searching for leftover entries from Kapersky and also check msconfig, and services for any entries there.

Did you create Image Recovery disks?

Try tapping the F8 key (will be different for other manufacturer's computers), but this will bring you to the screen with Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking, etc.

Try the first entry....Repair my Computer, then try Startup repair, System Restore, or system image recovery.

If this doesn't work, try Safe Mode on the first screen.
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I agree with reghakr.. Norton is definitely not UPGRADING in my opinion.. I have NEVER had a good experience with Norton products.. their junk.. ;) I'd suggest using NOD32 or Kaspersky... both work VERY well with Windows 7 and as reghakr said, Kaspersky officially supports Windows 7 now.. :) You might end up having to do a reinstall by the sounds of it... if so than I'd say use something besides Norton for sure... ;)
FYI - the reason I put "upgrade" in quotes was to convey sarcasm. So, yes, I agree that it was not an upgrade.

With that said, I have tried to boot up in safe mode, but no dice. As I do not have the Windows 7 installation/recovery disc, I tried to use my Windows Vista disc to repair the system, but it gives me an error that says, "OS mismatch." And my Windows 7 never successfully created a usable backup on my 250 GB external HD.

Long story short, I think I simply am going to wait for my brother to provide me with his Windows 7 installation/restore disc and see if that will repair the system. Unless someone has seen this issue before and can provide me with an alternate work-around.