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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by TekBoi, Jul 15, 2007.


Would you install your OS on flash based storage ?

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  1. TekBoi

    TekBoi New Member

    Jul 15, 2007
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    I need help installing Vista on a CF [Compact Flash] Card.
    The highest size I will be able to purchase, (as of 7/15/07)
    will probably be 8GB, as they are priced within the $100
    price tag. I know 8GB would easily be sufficient for XP,
    but I need Vista, preferably 64-Bit, for enhanced gaming
    performance. I will have a larger HDD (500GB), but the CF
    card will be used for increases system performance (lower
    seek times, faster read times, etc).
    What I need help on is simply this:
    What is the minimum size a Vista installation be shrunken to ? :confused:

    I know that Vista comes in many flavors, but any
    size figures besides "Home Basic" should be O.K.

  2. kjanx

    kjanx Guest

    vista basic needs 15.5 gig
  3. TheTeaser

    TheTeaser Guest

    ok now you can buy sd-flash-cards with 32gb memory size for ~100 Dollar per pice.
    anybody a idee how i can install vista basic on a flash card for work it on a asus eee 900pc . i never have try it to do this.
    befor i buy a card i want to know its possibile.
    thanks for answer
  4. Ultimate User

    Ultimate User New Member

    Aug 14, 2008
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    Yes it's possible to create a live VistaPE you can make use of Winbuilder using already compiled scripts choose what you want and compile your own live VistaPE on USB flashdrive Boot Land I have my PE on a 2GB Scandisk

    Ultimate User

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