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I need help installing Vista on a CF [Compact Flash] Card.
The highest size I will be able to purchase, (as of 7/15/07)
will probably be 8GB, as they are priced within the $100
price tag. I know 8GB would easily be sufficient for XP,
but I need Vista, preferably 64-Bit, for enhanced gaming
performance. I will have a larger HDD (500GB), but the CF
card will be used for increases system performance (lower
seek times, faster read times, etc).
What I need help on is simply this:
What is the minimum size a Vista installation be shrunken to ? :confused:

I know that Vista comes in many flavors, but any
size figures besides "Home Basic" should be O.K.




vista basic needs 15.5 gig



ok now you can buy sd-flash-cards with 32gb memory size for ~100 Dollar per pice.
anybody a idee how i can install vista basic on a flash card for work it on a asus eee 900pc . i never have try it to do this.
befor i buy a card i want to know its possibile.
thanks for answer

Yes it's possible to create a live VistaPE you can make use of Winbuilder using already compiled scripts choose what you want and compile your own live VistaPE on USB flashdrive Boot Land I have my PE on a 2GB Scandisk

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