Help me find a new laptop that meets my specs?


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Our Toshiba P755 Satellite is dying. As usual, the wi-fi adapter went first. We're ready for a new laptop, but we have a list of specs that just might be impossible to match. Browsing the internet is driving me crazy, so I thought that this might be a good way of getting advice from a variety of people. Here's what we want:

i7 processor
12-16 GB RAM
2 TB hard drive
minimum 15" screen
internal dvd drive
internal speakers
"standard" size earphone port - same as on the P755 Satellite (for connecting external speakers)

Can you help us?


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What's your price range? This is going to be very important before people make recommendations for you.

Also do you really need 2TB of storage? Because a 512GB SSD would be mighty nice for performance if you don't need all that storage.. :)


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Sorry, I forgot that little item. If you don't tell my daughter, I'm willing to go low teens.

And she doesn't need performance, she wants local (not external) space. She has photos and movies -- her four kids (age 10-17) grew up thinking that their mother's face was this round, shiny, glass thing -- and at the moment, her C: drive is using 987GB.

IMPORTANT CHANGE: She's backed off on the requirement for an internal DVD drive. That's been the main hangup for me on finding a good match for her.

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Best Buy found the perfect match for me, including the internal DVD drive and a 17" screen!

Thanks anyway!

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