help-rec purch laptop battery today, but it had mfg date 2-2014 15 mths old

I bought a lap top battery from amazon (593553-001 - Brand New HP Original Battery - MU06 (GENERIC PACKAGING) The battery was dated 2/14 so I returned it . Now I got a ordered a new one (never heard of mark2218 fulfilled by amazon).

How can these batteries more than a year old and be sold. Did I do the right thing returning it . Where should I order a new hp laptop battery from . When making a purchase what is the acceptable of time elapses between mfg date and when you buy it​


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As a general rule anything over 18 months should be considered suspect but batteries can be stored quite safely, for some time, as long as certain conditions are met.
Try HP's actual site although they'll probably be more expensive but worth a look:

Better to buy a standard batteries instead of one from online stores.. most of the products cause problems or old ones..
Better to buy it form standardized authority

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