Homegroup Library Share Settings NOT Saving

Tonight discovered that my homegroup randomly and suddenly ceased to work, after working previously with no problems.

After hours spent of my life I'm able to now leave the homegroup and start a new one, however I have a problem that continues to exist.

On the Change Homegroup Settings page, underneath where it says "Share libraries and printers", I select ALL boxes (Pictures, Music, Videos, Printers, Documents), and hit "Save Changes" at the bottom - yet the changes are never saved. It's as if I've never selected them.

The screen immediately exits me out after I hit "Save Changes", and when I re-enter the screen, all the boxes except "Printer" are blank again.

This is the screen I'm referring to:

How do I fix this??



ahh problem still exists. I had it working, but I left the homegroup and created a new homegroup since it wasn't visible on my laptop, and now the problem is back! this is so unbelievably frustrating. this homegroup setup is supposed to be EASIER, not more difficult!

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