Hooked on War Thunder

Alvin C Push

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Really am hooked love it for a 49 year old youngin anyway
I was needing to know about RISE OF FLIGHT new joystick if you want to call it that
Extreme 3D pro I like it all I ever played was tanks with mouse before
Can play war thunder OK if no updates come in and pups don't bother me can someone tell me if
rise of flight plays much harder I know need upgrade been shopping just haven't ordered yet
I like my old laptop but its slowing down more every day just put another 4GB memory in it made 8GB
old AMD graphics all in one so no upgrade the graphics is whats killing me I think
AMD Radeon HD 7640G appreciate any answers or advice would like some other good flying games
Thank You
Alvin C Push


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Hi Alvin,
welcome to the forum.. :)

To be honest Alvin i've never played the game or used the joystick in question but have you tried asking in the games forum community?
War Thunder - Official Forum

You may find other users having used or using the same hardware?