Hot Military Chicks From 15 Different Countries (Part1)


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I, like any man love a woman in uniform. I’ve made it abundantly clear on this site that I’ll take a woman wearing just about anything as long as she’s attractive.

But the one negative (and I mean that, there’s really only one) about seeing sexy girls dressed up in these uniforms is that most times these women aren’t the real deal.

Sure I’ve seen sexy firefighters and Calendars and what not. And believe me those are awesome.

But unfortunately you don’t find this often. And as many times as I’ve seen sexy chicks with guns or wearing camouflage, how about the real women that protect and serve? (even though I know that’s a Police reference)

Well, I’ve managed to find some pictures of real military women from other countries that also happen to possess many of the superficial qualities that us males possess.
Check out the pictures after the jump











Nice collection especially photo #1 shows a group of "clones" on high heels - fairly ridiculous to march in those shoes.

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