Hourglass (round circle)

When I boot up windows 7, an hour glass appears. But of late it takes longer and longer for the
hour-glass to disappear. I understand that some function/app or otherwise is in the background, possibly loading.

How can I find out what is running in the background that the system is trying to resolve?

Running Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor Intel
System type 64 bit Operating system.

Today I ran several programs checking (and removing) unwanted spyware and unwanted files.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Press [Windows key + r]
  • Type msconfig
  • Click on the Startup tab everything listed there loads at startup


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I wouldn't trust the "CleanMyPC" app. Just about all of these automated cleaners contain spyware. Superantispyware is no longer a good program in my business. Spyware viruses zip through that program like it wasn't there. Try running Malwarebytes from www.malwarebytes.org instead. Make sure to uninstall both the CleanMyPC app and the Superantispyware app from your computer using the Windows built-in Uninstall Programs prior to running the Malwarebytes.

Also, you posted insufficient specs on your computer. Is this an OEM computer (Dell, HP, Acer, Gateway, Toshiba, etc.) or a self-built PC you built yourself from purchased parts? If so what is the Make/Model of the computer, Motherboard, GPU card/chip, CPU chip, RAM memory sticks, PSU & Wattage etc.?

It would be helpful for you to download the free SPECCY diagnostic from www.piriform.com and upload the output text result file back here to this thread for us to analyze. We can then make better recommendations to repair your specific computer.

Also, do you have all your Personal Data backed up to External Media? If not, you should do that before any further troubleshooting attempts other than running the Malwarebytes checking for undetected spyware viruses.



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press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open task manager, then click "Show processes from all users", enter your password is needed, and sort by CPU usage and/or RAM usage. Figure out what program that is (if anything) and tweak it's settings or uninstall.

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