Windows 7 How do i disable the Homegroup ?


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Mar 8, 2009
Please help ??? , Im having issues with wireless divices in my house and i heard that if you disable the homegroup the problem will be fixed please help .
I believe the settings you are looking for are found here:
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings

Good luck.
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Disable the two services HomeGroup listener & HomeGroup provider.
Run -> services.msc -> stop services if running and then disable both.
1. Open Computer and right-click on "Homegroup" icon present in Navigation pane and select
“Change Home Group Settingsâ€Â￾
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2. Now click on "Leave the homegroup..." link given at bottom.

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3. It'll ask for confirmation, click on "Leave the homegroup" button.

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4. After that, close Explorer window. Now type services.msc in RUN or Startmenu Searchbox and press Enter. It'll open "Services" window.

Here look for following 2 services:

HomeGroup Listener
HomeGroup Provider

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Once you find them, double-click on each and change the "Startup type" to Disabled.

Apply the changes and exit from Services window.

The "HomeGroup" feature and its icon will also be removed from Windows Explorer:
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