How do I run 2 different versions of same program (Cryptainer)


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I have 2 versions of Crytainer which is a security program that loads a vault using a password.

In the installation it loads its "Name" (ie Cryptainer) in system startup, (not user startup) & in services.

I can see it in Control Panel/Admin tools/system config/startup & services

Regardless of which version is installed & I try to run the other version from Program files/etc/etc I only get the installed version not the one I want to run.

If I remove the installed program "Name" (ie Cryptainer) from startup & services, can I the run each independently from the respective folder in Program files?


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unfortunately I'm not familiar with the software mentioned but couldn't you simply remove the one you don't want to run?


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If it was that simple I would not have posted the question. Please re-read the question.

When the software is installed it creates an entry in system startup & services, I don't know why & i dont know what happens if they are removed, what I do know is regardless of which version I run I always get the installed version, why does this happen if I am running from a different folder & running a different program?

So again I ask what happens if I remove the entries in system startup & services & does that then allow me to run either version.

I do not understand the operating system enough to know why they are registered in services & system startup ( not user startup)


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You could try to stop and disable the service(s) or set it/them to manual and test if this gives the intended effect ?

If you have CCleaner installed you can disable the service(s) from there, read this !



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I know I can do this, you can mostly delete/remove/rename anything, but I prefer to find out the ramifications of what I am about to do before I do it.

So, I was expecting somebody who has imtimate knowledge of this part of the operating system to tell me why they are where they are & what are the ramifications (if any be disabling them) before I do so.

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