How do I stop pop-up ads tiny windows from opening


How do I stop such kind of pop-up ads tiny windows from opening in FF21 and chrome in w8?

It is such a sickening, irritating feature. It has become a terror to move mouse in the browser lest that would come over such double-lined tags and this window will open.

Even this site windows8forum has started this. So inconsiderate and sickening.


Hi kemical,
I already have ad block plus as well as noscript, noflash, ghostery installed and working in ff21, Still these double underline are appearing whenever I happen to hover on the double-underlined keyword.

Or if there is some method to get these these double-underlined keywords identified by ABP or noscript, then please tell me how to do that?

I installed ABP in chrome but these adds are appearing. See the pic posted by me to understand what ads I am talking about.



hashtag1.jpg pic again enclosed.


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try this for FF although I'm not sure it will stop everything:

Pop-up blocker settings, exceptions and troubleshooting | Firefox Help

Chrome: Check under advanced settings, Privacy and then content settings.

After realising the above doesn't stop everything i tried googling for a better answer to this issue and about the best page i found so far is this one:

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