Windows 8 How do you access your Internet "Favorites" in Windows 8?


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I finally figured out how to add a website to my "Favorites", but now I can't figure out how to find them again. Any suggestions?
If you go to the Win 8 UI Start Screen just type favorites. In Desktop IE 10 the Favorites is the Star at the top/right corner. Not sure about the Win 8 Style IE 10. I don't use it.

In File Explorer, Win 8 (C:/), Users, UserName, Favorites.
I was able to answer this one myself after a little time working on it. First off to save a website as a favorite, you need to right click on that site page in a place where there is no text or image. This will transform your page and you will see at the bottom some icons. One of which is a push pin icon. If you click that, it will allow you to pin that page either to your start menu or your favorites. To see your favorites, you will do the same thing and right click on the website page. At the top of your screen you will see a big +. If you click on that icon it will open up a row of rectangle boxes near the bottom of the screen. Your favorites will be among these boxes.
You can also make your favourites a Metro icon selection. Open File Explorer and go to users - yourname and select. Right click the "favourites" folder and "Pin to start".
Dave, obviously I'm not understanding your instructions correctly. To find the file explorer you mentioned, I went to the start menu and did a search for "File Explorer", and after clicking that, it took me to my desktop and my library's. What did I do wrong?
File Explorer was called Windows Explorer in Win 7. The easiest way to open it is to use Win Key + E to open it.
Depending on how frequently I will access a site I pin to either the desktop or task bar. Sites like email that I use multiple times a day go on the task bar. That way one double cluck and its there. Very quick and easy. I only use faves for things I want to have just in case I want to go back to it later.
I agree with you, and on my own computer that's the way I have it configured. On my wife's computer she has some specific favorites that she would like to have access to fast. I usually find that I have a happier home life when I help her do things the way she wants to do them.:02.47-tranquillity: However I do appreciate your suggestions.
I suppose it is possible that I am doing this incorrectly, but I don't see how. I've done what you suggested by pressing the Windows key and the letter E. When I do that, it opens up a window titled "Computer." It shows me the hard drives that I have in my machine and how much space I have left on them.
1. Find the "Windows" folder on your OS.
2. Scroll down and find "Explorer.exe", and right click it.
3.In the drop down menu you have the option to pin to start and/or Pin to task bar. If you pin it to start, it wiill also appear in the Metro window. It is very useful to have on the taskbar also, however.

You can also modify it to take you to a specific part of you computer.
1. Right click the icon which is now on your taskbar.
2. Right click "File explorer", and select "properties"
3. In the target, you can add options. For example, this is mine
C:\Windows\explorer.exe /n, /e, C:\

If you want to know what my options lead to, or what others you mat try, have a look here:

Windows Explorer Command-Line Options
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