Windows Vista How stable your Vista in your computer?

Is Windows Vista stable & reliable in your computer?

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Jun 27, 2008
Hi everyone! :D

I will open a thread about how stable vista is? If there are still a bugs and if running it smoothly in your PC or Laptop?


I have Vista on my desktop machine, and it's working very well there. Even my tv tunner card which was designed for XP MCE 05 only works with vista 32 bit.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with vista, it's fast, and pretty stable for me. They only thing is that my Office 03 seems a bit unstable, CD/DVD burning app doesn't work (roxio easy cd and dvd creator), and Firefox crashes a lot.

OK :) plz poll on the top... :D

Well I'm planning to have Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 soon on my new PC cuz this PC can't meet the requirements, maybe if I upgrade few specs I think it's only Vista Home Basic.
Yet I can't vote cuz I'm using Windows XP SP2 + Vista Transformation Pack 7(make your XP looks & feel like Vista)

CHEERS! :D remember to vote in the poll plz.

I already voted. :)

Just wondering, what are the specs of your current rig, and what are the specs of the one that you are thinking of getting?

rig? you mean my spec? well currently I have 1.5ghz AMD Athlon XP 1800+, 256MB of RAM, ATI Radeon 9600SE, JETWAY MOBO, 80GB ATA Hard Drive, ProView 17" <--really old! :(
well if I upgrade 2GB of RAM, AMD Athlon XP 2800+ --->  will it run Vista Home Basic? that runs smooth and stable? :P

What do you think? :)

Well, the Athlon XP is a really outdated CPU. I recommend something like this:

2GB of RAM is fine for vista, that's what I have, and it's very smooth. With the parts above, you should be able to run it with AERO with no problem. :)

If you do stay with the Athlon XP, I would really recommend upgrading the graphics though, to this:L

But I think you should really just get the parts that I said, or keep what you have and stick to XP.

Well the spec obviously can run Vista Ultimate which I want. :) thx! :D
Well I'm planning to just upgrade this PC just a bit cuz I already have a new PC and maybe it can run Vista, this PC will be given to my cousin, I think she don't need very High-Spec PC cuz she's not very knowledgable on computers and just a simple user, typing a word doc or make powerpoint & she's not a gamer so Vista Home Basic will just fine to her, It say's to my Vista Upgrade Advisor that my RAM will be the only problem to run vista. I will juz wait for delivery of my new one & focus on that. :)


So, I decided that I'd update this thread.

I had my PC running for a week without any major problems. explorer.exe crashed a few time, but that was when I was refreshing the wireless network list, and my wifi drivers are not Vista compatible, so it's not windows fault. The only times that I've had problems with Vista was because of a bad driver. For example, I installed the NVIDIA display drivers and my wifi stoped working, I removed them, and the wireless card started to work again.

On another note, I tried installing Leopard on my PC, and it didn't even get past installation boot screen, it just rebooted there. So, there is proof that Macs are inferiour, as windows can run on any PC, but macs are stable only on Apple computers.

Matt said:
On another note, I tried installing Leopard on my PC, and it didn't even get past installation boot screen, it just rebooted there. So, there is proof that Macs are inferiour, as windows can run on any PC, but macs are stable only on Apple computers.

Just like I tolled you on IRC. You a boot legged copy and your installing it on none Mac hardware so your statement isn't relevant.

i have vista sp1 running on my laptop and as of yet other than a crash with my dvb tuner i havent had any problems i know it was down to my drivers being for xp but its a pain in the ass as i cant find any vista drivers for it

Yeah, but Windows can run on any hardware, so Mac OSX should be able to also. I heard that the best PC to run Vista is a Macbook Pro, so that explains why people have less issues with macs, and that's that vista was not designed to run on macs.

bc: what was the system specs and the System Score? I have have a good system with 2GB of RAM and a system score of 5, and it's fine.

In 5 months of using Vista, I've only seen 3 blue screens of death and they were all caused by me trying the same thing with a 3rd-party program 3 times. (This was fixed by upgrading and/or by reinstalling the program.) The screen has gone blank occasionally, but that's probably the graphics driver. Vista has frozen up only twice, much less often than what I was used to. Take it from someone who went straight from Me to Vista: Windows Vista is not Windows Me II.

Sounds like Vista is working pretty well for you Josh. :) I think that 99% of the issues with Vista are because people use a computer that's too old, or they installed bad drivers, as many drivers for vista seem to be flawed, such as the NVIDIA graphics drivers, which caused issues on my PC.

well i dont have vista, but 2 of my friends bought a PC and they're always complaining about vista. Im going to buy a laptop soon so i hope it works fine on it.

My Vista machine has never had a problem - never crahsed, dropped a program, etc...

Good to hear that many people are running Windows Vista without problems. Guess this is proof that Vista isn't bad like most people like to say.