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I gave my sick brother a computer and a clean, new, unused copy of Windows 7 Home Premium a couple of years ago so we could communicate via email. He installed the OS and we communicated regularly. My brother recently passed away and I got the computer back. I cleaned out a lot of the artifacts and let the computer be upgraded to Windows 10 Home. I didn’t remove my brother’s name as administrator beforehand so now he shows up as the only user in the User folder in the C:\ directory. I show up as administrator in the Settings pane for Users and my brother does not. I have no problems with logging in as myself when the computer boots. I searched the profiles and hives areas of the registry and my brother’s name shows but mine does not. Since he doesn’t show up as a user anywhere except in the registry and in the root directory with his name on a folder I can’t simply delete him as a user. Can anyone tell me how to do this or point me to a document that tells me how to correct this? I would like to remove my brother’s name from the computer if possible and replace it with my own. I obviously don’t want to have to wipe the computer and start clean from the ground up if I can avoid it.
Hi Cecebee! Here's tutorial by Shawn Brink! IMHO the best Tech in the PC business!;)
I hope this is is what your asking!
Since editing a user profile and the registry can mess up Windows 7 if a mistake is made, it is highly advisable to create a restore point before doing this tutorial. This way if you make a mistake, you will be able to simply do a system restore to select and go back to this restore point to undo the mistake.
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