Windows 7 How to define Standard Application for "tel:" hyperliks

How to define Standard Application for "tel:" hyperliks

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Rainer Bielefeld

Honorable Member
on Ziehl-Abegg Support page or also here a click on the telephone number in my (SeaMonkey 2.53) Browser will open my softphone application "phoner lite" as I want.
But similar links
  • In ODF documents opened in AOO will launch Skype
  • in PDF documents opened in Adobe Reader think that link should lead to a web page.
So I think my WIN7 does not know how to handle such <tel:> links.

I did not find how to define a standard application in WIN system settings. Is there a way to define a softphone application for <tel:> links in the WIN7 system settings? And if yes, how can I do?

Thanks in advance

Rainer Bielefeld

And to be honest - I haven't a clue what e "poll choice" might be, seems my humanist general education has a gap there ;-)
You need to create the following items in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
  • Create a key with the name of the protocol so in your case a key called Tel
  • Click on the Tel key and create a string value called 'URL Protocol' no data needed for the value
  • Under the Tel key create a subkey called shell
  • Under shell create another subkey with a defined verb in this case Open
  • Under Open create another sub key called command
  • Click on command and edit the (Default) value data to be the command you want to run, for example if you wanted a tel:// link to open notepad the (Default) data would be "C:\Windows\notepad.exe" "%1"