How to Get a Pokemon Go PokeStop or Gym Delisted

Yes , Pokemon is not just an AR game. Pokemon Go overthrows some traditional gaming and business concepts. Most of the local restaurant owner are now trying to get a gym at their shop. Some restaurants that I visited has gym/ Poke stops. Some of the restaurant owners are providing free wifi and Power bank charging services to Poke-players.
Apart from Coding part, this game just set a new trend in marketing techniques . At one restaurant I found that owner just displayed a board saying that "Like and share us on FB". I know that method will boost his business through both online and offline. Here is yet another example of direct mail marketing using Pokemon Go game.
Pokemon hunters are everywhere, Soon they will spread all over the globe , Those who support Poke-players will definitely gain from this popular game, both in term of brand name and profit.

I strongly believe that, like bitcoins, poke coins will also trend in market,

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