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Windows 7 How to have specific sound 'channels'?


New Member
Apr 11, 2009
When I had Windows Vista installed, I would like playing music through my speakers while having my headphones/microphone on to play video games.

I would start iTunes and begin playing music. The music would play through my speakers, and then I would plug in my USB Logitech headphones, and all video game sounds/microphone use would run through them just fine.

However, ever since I've installed Windows 7, I would start iTunes without the headphones plugged in, start playing music, and then plug in the headphones. The 'channel' (Correct term?) instantly corrects itself and tunes the music into my headphones, but I'd like to know if there's a way to get it to change it back to my speakers, while still being able to play my games through the headphones.