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Ever since I upgraded my HDD to a SSD I have been suffering hung process's that refuse to end. I have tried cmd prompt which says the process is not running but it shows in task manager. I've tried process explorer & that does nothing & the only way I can get the process to end so I can re launch the software is to reboot & sometimes after the reboot, nothing will load until I reboot again.

I've installed windows 7 about 3 time's now & nothing seems to fix the problem. Everything works great at first, then all of a sudden it starts. I'm also suffering from maximized windows minimizing, watching full screen movie's reverting to the compact box & games minimising to desktop. I've never suffered these problems until I upgraded to SSD & then it all started.

I'm an experienced PC user's so I know the ins & out but this is something I can't figure out. I don't have spyware or anything as I've checked with spybot, malwarebytes & I have Advanced System Optimizer pro that scans, remove's & maintains my system for me & nothing really of importance is found.


Those so called "System Optimizer's" do more harm than good and tend to remove necessary registry strings that keep the OS running smoothly. The same for those so called registry cleaners.

I would reinstall, set up the SSD for optimization per manufacturer instructions, install all necessary drivers, then install MS updates, install your software and leave the optimizer out and see how it runs.

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I agree on the system optmizers. I learned the hard way in Windows 98.


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Did you enable AHCI, instead of IDE, etc.. for the ssd in your bios or uefi ? Did you do a clean install of Windows on the ssd. Both are must do's to avoid headaches. Also, in Power Options, set the ssd under Advanced Options, click the + next to hard disks and set put it to sleep to Never.


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Hi, I did do AHCI at first, but I have Sata HD's connected also & the system just hung after post screen. Only way to get passed that point was to go for IDE.

Power Options I always disable sleep. Normally I only use the system Optimizer as it detects & downloads all my driver's for me which helps & only used the reg cleaners & so forth after I started experiencing issue's.

I will try a reinstall if someone can suggest why my system hangs on AHCI even with just SSD connected.


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It shouldn't hang on AHCI, unless if your hard drive is seriously ancient (pre-2009) and doesn't support it. I've never had any issue's with AHCI. Make sure your chipset driver's, etc. are current. Also make sure your ram timings are correct in the bios/uefi. Then do a clean install of Windows.


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I'll try that after I've finished some coding as reinstalling everything is so time consuming its almost depressing lol. Thanks for the help & I will update on results.


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Hi, I decided to upgrade in the process & got a good price on a M5A97 R2.0 AM3+ Mobo & a FX-8350 & as advised, I Enabled the AHCI, formatted the SSD, Installed to the SSD & it created 2 reserved partitions which is normal I'm told & not only am I getting better frame rates on games, my DDR3 appears to be working better & boots up in seconds.

I had a stressful time with the Sata HDD not showing up as it was not showing up at all in the system & it was due to it being a dynamic drive, I did loads of things to make it enabled but I couldn't wipe it as its my web dev drive with all files on it, turned out all I had to do was rick click in Disk management on the drive & click import drive & it was working.

I do have one issue though, now whenever I put my system to sleep, i get a loud static hiss from my speakers & it happens but only for a few seconds when I shut down but the hiss is constant when i put it to sleep. No idea why?


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Try updating the audio driver's. Also, give Ccleaner registry cleaner a run. It's one of the few safe registry cleaner's.


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Back again & the hung process has started again. Game's I exit normally still in the process tree & I can still hear the sound from the game's. I End process & sound stops but it continues to show in process tree. Nothing short of a restart fixes it & I never had to suffer with this until I upgraded to SSD & I installed fresh & everything correctly.

Is this some flaw in Windows 7 or a flaw in its ability to correctly end software process's with SSD's? It's frustrating & it happens with everything every now & again from skype, Windows Live mail to photoshop & installed games.

It's just happened again with another game I managed to remember to take a screenshot for you.

As you can see, I have suspended, End process, End process tree, Restart & nothing works but its stuck continuing to sap resources as you can see from the core temp log. I have never had the problem until I upgraded to a good quality SSD & I'm actually starting to regret bothering now.

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