I bought an HP computer at Best Buy but I wonder if I should return it for another one?


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I bought for $430 a 15inch HP AMD A8 , 650GB HDD laptop.

I noticed that there is another HP available for about $350, Intel950 processor, 17inch. 500 HDD: HP Pavilion 17.3" Laptop 4GB Memory 500GB Hard Drive g7-2215dx - Best Buy

I like 17 inch and I think Intel 950 is probably fast enough. What do you think?
Does A8 make internet browsing faster?

And then I found something for $500 that seems to be much better:HP ENVY 15.6" Laptop 8GB Memory 750GB Hard Drive m6-1125dx - Best Buy
Regular price is $700, it is $200 less than that now.

But the $500 one is not available in stores. I got my current HP from having my Toshiba junked out. Do you think I can get the one online while returning the one I got?


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I think Intel 950 is probably fast enough. What do you think?
Fast enough for what ?? Certainly not for any serious gaming.

I would first return the one you have before you buy a new one. That way you don't get stuck with two. I think Best Buy has a 14 day return policy.


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They actually have 30 day return policy. Yeah I think I probably should return this one first and then with the store credits I should buy the i5 one? Also do you think I should get the Black Tie Warranty ?

Is A8 good enough for serious gaming? I'm not familiar with gaming on computers, It's been a while since I played some games (I used Nintendo 64 heavily and a little bit of Game Cube too). Could you recommend some games, especially something that is enjoyable with children in elementary school?

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