Idea to Help Seniors

Here's an idea for IT 'Enthusiasts', IT Pros w/ some spare time or retired IT Pros & Consultants. I am doing this & maybe others have not thought of it...

Volunteer your time & services to your local 'old folks homes'. Many of the residents don't have a lot of money (we usually charge a healthy fee) but, they may need & appreciate help w/ their machines or software and often they, certainly, could use some education or instruction. I offer 1-on-1 or small group scenarios.

Anyway, just a thought or suggestion some of you might care to entertain.



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That is my "hobby" I have extended it to general advertising, through various organisations connected with old or poor people. Give the odd talk etc. As an underpaid pensioner myself, I do charge for overheads such as travel to the venue, but, of course, this cost is usually shared between several persons. I do seem to collect "gifts" of appreciation. For some odd reason, this is often a bottle of red wine! My cellar overfloweth!!

Good on you, David, kudos. And much as one volunteers to be helpful to such demographics, the door can always be open to volunteer expressions of gratitude, shall we say. And that can come in various forms, eh? But, what you're doing, that's admirable & commendable.

And, certainly, in my case, I, still, take regular paying customers, too, @ least, for now.


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