IE Icon on taskbar not working.


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I had a big batch of Updates 23 & a reader update. After restarting I am unable to connect via my IE Icon on the taskbar. The IE page comes up & it says "connecting" then nothing happens. If I click on the Icon again I get another page with the same result. At one stage I had 6 pages up. I cannot disconnect either except by shutting down. I removed all the updates, rebooted & nothing had changed. I went through start > I E & got connected Once!. The second & subsequent times nothing. I can connect by going through mesenger & working backwards only. When my IE page is up all the icons in view fail to work.
I am a novice at this so any advice , please keep simple (cos I am)
please help.

Does the icon work from the desktop? If you click it from the desktop will it work?


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When clicked the IE page comes up with the message "connecting" but then nothing. The little round "activity" circle keeps going but nothing happens.

Which verison of IE is this? 8 or 9?


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I Believe Im using IE 8.
Oh I also tried to take the computer back to when it was last working properly, it failed to do so the first time because it said my security system was preventing it (Norton) so I switched all of the Norton stuff off & tried again. Again it said my security stuff was stopping it. Then I had to try & undo the failed attempts.

Hm, try uninstalling internet explorer and reinstalling it. Or even better, install IE 9 which is much better...


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Thanks I am now being switched back to my previous page without warning so I have to be quick Thanks for helping. 1 new Question
How do I download IE again if I have just removed IE please. plese remember Im a novice

Remember to installing another browser so you could download IE

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