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According to an article by Ars Technica and work done by the NSS labs:

Internet Explorer 9's dual-pronged approach to blocking access to malicious URLs—SmartScreen Filter to block bad URLs, and Application Reputation to detect untrustworthy executables—provides the best socially engineered malware blocking of any stable browser version, according to NSS Labs' latest report.
Second place went to IE8 with Safari 5, Chrome 10, and Firefox 4 coming in third. The report also gives the percentages attained by each browser at blocking malware. Both IE9 and IE8 were in the 90% or above area.

Internet Explorer 9 utterly dominates malware-blocking stats


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Even though Microsoft’s IE9 is only a few months old, Microsoft has something it can claim that other browsers can’t. It is a good malware blocker; indeed, it is better than the other browsers.
What makes the IE9 Malware Blocker stand out is that it has two components for the SmartScreen Filter. One is URL Reputation, which is included in IE8 and Application Reputation, which is new to IE9. IE9 caught an exceptional 92% of the live threats with SmartScreen URL reputation, and an additional 8% with Application Reputation. IE9 with SmartScreen offers the best protection of any browser against socially engineered malware. Protection against malware targeting European users matched broader findings from the Q3 2010 global test.
IE9 Malware Blocker Protects better than other Browsers

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