Windows 7 IE9 RTW Due Date, A Big Thank You, MIX11, and a Unicorn Named Frank


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It's always fun to talk to Dean Hachamovitch about IE. This conversation is no exception except for how early we filmed and that Dean and Ryan Gavin are joined, since it took place at that magical hour between exiting night and breaking day, by the team unicorn named Frank, who doesn't like to drink iced tea.

Today (it's now 8AM PST (UTC-8)), the IE team announced the delivery date of the final version (RTW) of IE9: March 14, 2010. It's been a little over a year since IE9 Platform Preview 1 became available at MIX10. One year from announcement to RTW, with new platform previews every 6-7 weeks in between. This is amazing work that wouldn't have been possible without the incredibly useful, detailed, and numerous pieces of feedback from YOU, the community. THANK YOU. Big shout out to users Wheels of Flames and the dee!! 400 pieces of feedback submitted between the two of them! 17,000 total pieces of detailed customer feedback. 36 million downloads of IE9 Beta and RC. Very nice work!

Additionally, Ryan commits Dean to keynote at MIX11 and Dean commits himself to appearing on C9 Live at MIX11
All around great news today!! Of course, there's the free and open(bar) IE team sponsored party at SXSW to celebrate the web.

Here's the link mentioned in the conversation related to supporting standards that are in unstable implementation states (that’s what is for, as Dean mentioned. This is a place to play with unstable standards implementations and provide feedback…): Web Sockets video:


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