Windows 7 Insert Symbol in Word 2007

de Silentio

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I cannot get the Insert Symbol feature of Word 2007 to work in Win7, Word keeps freezing on me. When I click on the "More Symbols" button, Word freezes.

Can someone else try this for me and let me know if they run into the same problem.

de Silentio, works for me - although sorry that is no good to you :cool:

Umm, while I did the more symbols button my Firefox crashed. Dunno that it is connected though.
Maybe I'll try it again :)
Hi there
Try switching off Live Office / office live or whatever they call that shyte. All this stuff that needs you to be connected to the net while you are working is usually just an annoyance, and eventually they will use it to do at least one of the following

1) Charge you for more service s that you most certainly don't want.

2) Infest your machine with AD / SPY / NAG Ware rather like those sites that say "Free Driver Scan" then you have to install something which prompts you to PAY for something else.

3) Infest your machine with a worm/virus/trojan -- I don't thing Microsoft will do this however.

4) Check what software you are running on your machine.

5) check music and video files --and eventually send messages to people reporting you if it thinks your music / mult-media /software has been sourced from places like "Torrents" etc.

The age of Big Brother is Watching you is slightly later than 1984 -- but the technology is already here in ways George Orwell couldn't have even dreamed about.

(Book reference is George Orwell's classic novel 1984. That's where Big Brother came from -- not some stupid TV show although the reference to Big Brother is that the occupants are being monitored 24 hours a day -- even in the "Bog".

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