Windows 7 Installation freezes at expanding files


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The issue seems to varry but I have gotten the following results when installing.

1 - (most common) Installation proceeds until expanding files, where it will freeze at a random %

2 - I got it to install completely once, but it would freeze constantly like during installation

3 - (only happened once) Proceeded through installation until completing the installation phase, where it froze

I have tried both32 and 64 bit versions. I am installing off of my USB stick following these directions:

How to install Windows 7 with a USB flash drive — Electronic Pulp

(I can't do it the way the sticky topic recommends b/c I have XP, not vista)
... actually you can do it as the sticky says, it works exactly the same except for the fact that you don't need to open an elevated command prompt, as the regular one is already elevated.

That method seems kinda sketchy.
Really? I guess I'll give it a try. I'm doing a BIOS update now to see if that helps.

I tried the sticky but when I get to the "list disk" part It will only show my HDD. If I "list volume" then It shows it, but then I can't continue with the guide...

If I just format the disk as NTFS can I skip the diskpart part?

I gave up on the USB and just burned a DVD It wouldn't let me begin installation in windows (maybe b/c it was the 64 bit install and I was running 32 bit XP) so I did a boot install. It loaded fine but during the install things got odd. It would jump from 0 to 100% for copying files in about 1 second. Then in expanding files it would hang at 0% and freeze sometime later (I was gone for a while and when I returned it was froze at 17%)

So far installation has always froze

USB - 32 bit and 64 bit

DVD - 64 bit (32 bit one never burned correctly)

I did jut install a new BIOS. could it be I installed the wrong version? XP boots and works fine though...
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if you can format it to ntfs first thats fine, in the sticky you just continue with copying over the bootsect and then copy over the files from the install dvd and away you go,