Windows 7 Intel Express Installer fails at 1%


I have 2 Intel boards a Perl and and a DG33FB and both loaded all the Intel programs, Inf and yes, even the older Perl board so you are doing something wrong. Both installed off the disk that came with the MOBO's.

On the Perl board I could not install the SoundMax audio drivers but I using C-Media card anyway so that issue did not matter.

By chance, you did try installing Intel before you placed anything else on the OS? Another words, right after you installed Windows 7.

Forgot to add if your board is older and it worked using XPPro or Vista try using the Win7 work on other versions and install using that function. Control Panel - programs
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I just finished the W7 install, and have installed nothing on this machine other than the W7 OS. Step 2 in my system install was to use the CD that came with the mobo to try and update the Chipset, graphics media accelerator, LAN, and audio.

So the Intel Express Installer worked well for you? I popped my old ethernet card into the machine so that I could get online and make posts, but the chipset, Graphics media accelerator, LAN, and audio all fail at 1%.
The drivers on the CD may be too old.
Try getting the latest drivers from the MB manufacturers website and see if those work.
I manually upgraded the LAN driver through Device Manager and it works now. I did go to the Intel site, and they said not to upgrade unless it will fix a specific problem. Everything is working, so, as they say, "if it ain't broke.. don't fix it."

The Intel Express Installer is still choking. Not sure why.
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