Windows 7 Intel inf update and windows experience rating


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May 28, 2009

I can't install inf update, no matter what version i try (the one that came on my drivers dvd, the latest from intel,...)
My laptop has mobile intel 945PM express chipset (ASUS F3JP).

On vista or xp the installation takes a few seconds and asks for reboot.
But on W7, the moment i click install, it automatically says successful without asking for reboot.
And when i put my drivers DVD it detects intel inf update is missing (it only shows what's missing).
When you insert the drivers DVD (for vista or XP) it's the 1st thing you need to install, so i guess it's important.
Everything seems running fine, but is my laptop optimized?

Another question is about Windows experience rating, compared to vista.
HD has the same score.
Memory has more score.
Graphic drivers and processor have less score.
Is this normal?

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