Intel Pro 1000 GT Desktop Adapter - No

I've just recieved a new network card, because my old (integrated) card was intermitently disapearing and had to be re-installed.

I decied to install the Windows 7 RC before I installed the new card. The card installed OK with Windows 7 drivers, but it will not connect to my router correctly. When I try to install newer drivers, the installation wizard reports there are no supported Intel Devices on the machine.

The card is recognised in the device manager and there are no errors, I just can't connect to the internet or my router (BT HH 2.0).

Now this the strange bit. I read on another forum that the having +4gb of memory in Vista was the cause, so I removed 3 x 2gb dimms and the card magically worked.

I don't really want to reduce my memory to 2GB just to get a network card working...

Incidentally, I dual booted and when I tried the card in Vista, the same problem occured.

Any ideas?


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Not sure, that is odd. Fpr

Thanks RavnosCC...

Does anyone else have any ideas?

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