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Windows 8 Interesting reasons a university has already chosen Windows 8 tablets


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Sep 20, 2011
I nearly dismissed this article as a propaganda piece until I got to the part of why Apple lost their business. I've seen a number of posts where people "in the business" are predicting Windows 8 to not make in roads into the enterprise. With regard to desktops, I somewhat agree with that assessment for a variety of reason. But like this article highlights, and being "in the business" myself, I think Windows 8 tablets are going to be very attractive to enterprise environments.

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The one paragraph that struck me on first read was on the top of page 2:

"Landry adds that students in orientation took to the Windows 8 Metro UI like "ducks to water." For faculty and staff, however, Windows 8 training will be more aggressive & and mandatory. "Faculty and staff is where the pain point will be in the transition," he says."

This is somewhat what I have been expecting. Obviously, it will be a few of months before we will see if this plays out in this manner.

Edit: Sorry, I had not seen the posting in the News section when I posted this.
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One thing I've seen in a work place is the urge to hang on to XP, Heck I've even seen a place that still uses Windows ME. The place I've seen Xp in is a Tattoo shop and some law firms, I do computer work for different places so I go where they need me. But anyway in the case of Windows ME I seen a video rental store still using the system for rentals. Alot of people are stuck in different time periods not even knowing or willing to try anything new. If these people would give the new OS a try I'm sure they would love it. At least move up to Win 7 and take it from there. These people are the ones that need a push, they need to be well informed that yes you can upgrade from XP or 7. Also they need to know more about how easy it is to use. Come release time MS needs to generate enough buzz to make people stop and look at the new OS and think about how they would feel using it.