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    As General Manager of the team, Dean Hachamovitch is responsible for the design, development, and release of Internet Explorer. We welcome Dean back to the stage as one of our MIX10 keynoters in Las Vegas next month. After all, what would our premier web conference be without a browser update!? Dean will talk about changes and improvements that have been made to Internet Explorer 9 since PDC09, and his talk is sure to include a couple of surprises.

    Internet Explorer 9 at MIX10 :: News :: Microsoft MIX10

    Looks like we will see IE9 next month.
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    What's new:

    Hardware Acceleration and Font Smoothing

    Microsoft also plans to make use of DirectX-based hardware accelerated graphics and text in IE9. In his demo, Sinofsky showed that Bing maps can render about 14 frames per second in IE8. With hardware acceleration in IE9 turned on, he got 60 frames per second. In addition, this technology will also increase font quality and readability in IE9.

    Performance Progress

    Browser performance involves many different sub-systems within the browser. Different sites – and different activities within the same site – place different loads and demands on the browser. For example, two news sites might look similar to a user but have very different performance characteristics. Because of how the developers authored the sites, one site might spend most of its time in the Javascript engine and DOM, while the other site might spend most of its time in layout and rendering.

    CSS Support

    It looks like IE9 will finally get better CSS support, especially for rounded corners. It’s a disappointment though, when you consider the other browsers have supported these things for years.

    HTML 5

    Microsoft was coy about whether it would support all of the HTML 5 standards, the next generation of HTML. The company doesn’t seem willing to commit to the standard until it is set in stone, but “wants to be responsible” about supporting it.


    They admit that their previous browsers don’t match the speed of Firefoxor Chrome. However, it appears that IE9 looks to narrow this gap. From some of the data they presented, it looks like they’re getting closer to matching the other browsers (though they don’t beat them).

    Internet Explorer 9: Microsoft Reveals First Details

    IEBlog : An Early Look At IE9 for Developers

    With IE 9, Microsoft fights back in browser wars | Deep Tech - CNET News

    Microsoft Announces IE9: Focus on Standards and Speed
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    I am also crazy for IE 9.Im really thankful to cybercore for sharing those newest features of IE 9.Those are simply cool.The feature which make me happy is CSS Support.So many of us get trouble of CSS in IE 7.I hope that now we will not have more issue regarding to css.

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