Invalid Product Key

Hopefully someone can help me, as this is relly beginning to p**s me off !!!

I ran a virus scan of my PC recently and found a Tojan virus. I used Norton AV an a symantec removal tool to eventually remove this virus. When i rebooted the PC it reported that the WIndows Activation staus had been disabled. I rebooted in SAfe Mode which did give me access, but it wouldn't allow me to Re-activate the OS. I decided to bite the bullet and restore to factory settings. Now when I reboot, it tells me that the Product ID is invalid!!!

Can someone please give me some pointers as to who to resolve this.......its driving me nuts!



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You could try the phone activation method and chat to a ms rep. i'm sure if you explained the situation they would give you a new key..

Your Software Licencing Service may have been disabled.
To check the status:
1. Click Start and type Services or services.msc in the search box and then click on Services under Programs section of the search results on top pane.
2. If User Account Control ask your permission to continue, click Continue.
3. Scroll down the list to the service Software Licensing and double-click it.
4. In the properties window of the Software Licensing service, set Startup type to Automatic.

5. Click Start to start the service. If the status is already running, click the Stop button and confirm with Yes to stop the service. Restart the service by clicking the Start button.
6. Click OK to exit from Software Licensing’s Properties window and close the Services window.
7. Go to and click the Validate Windows button to re-validate Windows. If you have problem with system updates, re-initiate system update.

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