Iron Man 2 "Helmet" Flash Drives from Japan Totally Rock

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    While we always considered Tony Stark and his Iron Man the fascist wanker of the Super Hero comic world, there is no denying the movie version of him is a lot less of a wanker. In fact, millions of people consider him a true good guy based on the films and actually want Iron Man themed USB memorabilia. To us, the official Iron Man flash drives always seemed like bad Mimobot clones. However, a true contended has arisen in the form of a Japanese version of Iron Man 2 Helmet Flash Drive.


    These Iron Man 2 Helmet USB drives come in two flavors: red and yellow Iron Man and silver War Machine. Though, one could argue the second one is a bust of Iron Man's Silver Centurion amour, but this is highly unlikely. As the name suggests, they are just their helmets with a USB port sticking out the bottom. The upside to this is they are not only fully working USB 2.0 flash drives (available in 4GB and 8GB models) but the eyes of the drives also light up and flash while the drive is in use. If we were into Iron Man, these certainly would be the ones we would get as they are not only cool looking, but are actually cheaper than the Disney version at a reasonably price on Amazon and eBay.

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    Source: Iron Man 2 "Helmet" Flash Drives from Japan Totally Rock
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    Ooh I do like those ! very :cool: :p

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