Is this graphics card likely to be quiet?


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I was going to buy another graphics card because my existing one makes this weird hissing noise despite the fact it is fanless and it is irritating me. Anyway, whilst looking around it seems the best silent one I can find on ebay is a radeon HD 6450 1gb which is fanless, however I am narrowing my search as I use linux ubuntu and found issues using an nvidea one so am sticking to radeon. I just as a radeon card which is described as quiet however it does have a fan on it. I used to have a radeon 9800se a long time ago which controlled its fan speed. Is this card I am looking at likely to be dead silent whilst normal net viewing or film watching which is what I mostly use the pc for? Does adjustable fan speed technology work in linux does anyone know?

AMD ATI Radeon HD7670 2GB DDR5 PCI-Express Graphic card​

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