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since I upgraded to W8, I have not been able to synchronize file with my iphone and ipad. these don't even appear in the iTunes panel. anybody here who can help, please?

much appreciated...
First, connect your iDevice (for you it is your iPod) to your computer. If it doesn't open iTunes automatically or your iDevice is not charging off your computer as a source of power, you might have a problem with the USB cable that provides the connection between your iDevice and computer.

If it receives power and does not open iTunes, it should be okay to open iTunes manually and continue.

Once iTunes is open, click the < Help> tab at the top, go to the second option < iTunes Tutorials >, this will open a tutorial guide on how to use the latest version of iTunes you have on your computer. There is a tutorial there instructing you on how to do the Sync process.

Note that there is also an option with your iDevice for you to sync manually with the computer or using iCloud over wifi.

If you prefer to actually connect your iDevice to your computer, I suggest using the option of connecting manually to Sync and select what songs/videos/apps etc. you want to Sync with your device. Again these options should be covered in the iTunes Tutorials. If you need more advanced help, click < Help > again, this time click the first option < iTunes Help > and go to the Sync option, which continues with more dropdown tabs to help you with the specific problem or desire you are trying to achieve.