I've been having very good luck with Windows 7-32

I haven't been on the forums lately because I have been having very good luck with Windows 7-32 bit version. It's been running almost perfect for me for the last couple of years. I have a few problems with IE9 but they are minor, and I prefer it over Firefox, just for the basic look and easy access to my favorite bookmarks. I have no interest in touch screen technology or tablets so I'm not excited about Windows 8 at all. Windows 7 is working out great for me. Eventially I may do a fresh install but It's really not necessary so I just keep going with what I have.


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That's good to hear. Nothing worse than logging on only to be greeted with problems that stop you doing the simplest of tasks.

You sound a smug happy bunny. I like smug happy bunnies!!

:thumbs_up::thumbs_up: Always cool to hear but, shouldn't really be any kind of surprise... W7 is damn good & enjoyable.

I would just mention, Windows 8 does not require Touchscreen technology; can use it but, not required.


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