Japan radiation killing sea life, warning for Oregon coast

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    Newport and West coast dogs reported to be acting strange in the wake of the recent Tsunami
    Oregon authorities have issued new strong warning to keep humans and pets away from all dead sea life found on any Oregon coast beach, “as they could become infected by a disease that’s hitting the population in this area.”
    While radiation levels are viewed as safe right now along Oregon and other West coast beaches, there have been new warnings about a disease called “leptospirosis,” that more recently infected California sea lions with by the hundreds.
    Officials said the disease can spread to humans and dogs who come in contact with an infected sea lion or other dead sea life that’s in mass after the recent quake in Japan triggered massive amounts of questionable debris along West coast beaches.
    In the meantime, those who walk their dogs along coastal beaches have been warned about dogs reported to be ill with unknown causes; while, at the same time, other local pet owners fear their dogs – that sniff and eat various beach stuff that intrigues them while foraging around for bones and other objects – are possibly suffering the same fate at three nuclear power workers at Fukushima, Japan, who’ve been exposed to high levels of radiation, stated Japan’s nuclear safety agency on Saturday.
    Japan radiation killing sea life, warning for Oregon coast fishing industry

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