Jasc Paint shop pro 9 in Windows 8.1- there was a problem sending command to program

Jasc Paint shop pro 9.1 in Windows 8.1- ERROR MSG. "there was a problem sending this command to program"

I checked to make sure that Administrator permission was not required. I also tried to run it as in Windows XP3 with no success. The selected image will come up along with the error message. Is there a fix for this?
I noticed that there were similar errors mentioned while attempting to search the internet but many of them required hacking the registry. I don't have a problem doing that, but I want to ensure that the hack is Jasc Paint Shop Pro specific.

I appreciate any assistance that you can provide.


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Is there a fix for this?
Get the current X7 version for Windows 8.1 and it works ok... Imo Adobe photoshop and Autodesk 3dmax are much better software but that's not the point.

ussnorway (being an old salt myself if you served thank you for your service)
I can't afford Corel's X-7 upgrade version, I was hoping for a registry fix since it seems that tis error message is pretty common with Windows 8.1.

imho, Windows XP is a far superior operating system. As they went up the line Vista Home, Vista Business,, Windows 7, etc. it appears that Windows is out to make as much money as they can. I have no problem with that except there should be equal value for the dollar spent.

Thank you for your quick response, I appreciate it.


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Xp was a nice system... the fact Microsoft didn't make it, prob had a lot to do with that... but its days are done.

I know Autodesk has a free student/ test version of most their software... 3d max included and Adobe cs6 software works well on Windows 8.1.1 if you don't want to go with a sub.

Ime using regedit to hack older software into working on Windows it wasn't designed for is just going to make more problems for you down the road but good luck with it mate.

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