Windows 7 Java SDK interfering with window prieviews


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Ok, this not not a post asking for help or anything, think of it as more of a reporting a bug, or find out why this would interfere. I have windows 7 build 7000 installed, all hardware works fine on my Toshiba tecra A9 laptop. after installing java SDK , the windows previews(on the taskbar) show up as just a list with the icon.

this is just somewhat of a minor inconvienience, i am wondering if this is perminent, or maybe just a service just crashed, or got turned off.
hmm seems that windows decided to change my performance settings at some point, i found the fix/reason, for anyone interested
1. click start
2. right click the computer icon
3. select advanced system settings
4. click performance
5. find the unchecked item and check it, or just select "adjust for best appearance"
the program you must be running had to be changed back to aero basic instead of actual aero. I have had it happen several times where it must downgrade the graphics for a program to run but once you shutdown the program it should go back to the way it was.
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