Windows 7 John Platt: Introduction to Sho

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    Sho is an interactive environment for data analysis and scientific computing that lets you seamlessly connect scripts (in IronPython) with compiled code (in .NET) to enable fast and flexible prototyping. The environment includes powerful and efficient libraries for linear algebra as well as data visualization that can be used from any .NET language, as well as a feature-rich interactive shell for rapid development. Here, we meet the lead researcher behind Sho - John Platt. The goal here is to see just how random Charles can be in an impromptu conversation with a computer scientist in the buisness of Machine Learning... [​IMG] Sho is very, very cool and you can use it's facilities from any managed language (or from C++/CLI). I highly recommend that you download it and start to play with Sho, regardless of whether or not you program in Python.



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