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Hi all,
I have just registered so I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to be posting this.

I have just pre ordered Windows 7 Home Premium and looking for a new anti virus to go with it that will hopefully work better than McAfee (which is totally annoying). I heard that Kaspersky Internet Security is a very good option but was wondering whether or not it is fully compatible with Windows 7.

Hope someone can help me.


Hello chrismid259..
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Yeah Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is fully compatible with Windows 7...

in my opinion you should try Ready for Windows 7 but it's still Beta version....
hope you found it helpful..!!


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I have been using Nod32 for windows 7 for around 1 month and it is amazing! It sits in your tray quietly and does everything itself and I experienced no lag whatsoever since I installed it!

Thank you for your replies :)


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Avira Premium Security Suite

Hi there,
Yes Kaspersky is a good and compatible antivirus for windows 7, but my advice is to use Avira Premium Security Suite. It`s all inclusive, like antivirus, firewall, online protection, webguard, mailguard and backup and is in low resources on start up and after that, very accurate.

I am using it since may-june and i`am really satisfied, no problem at all, no virus/malware/trojan.
In parallel with this i`m using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware program, and really it`s all that you need through p2p connections, blocks malware and suspicious sites on web, ip addresses, good protection, thats all you wanted :)

That`s my opinion.

Good choice! I had Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 for a long time and it was really really good. I've also tried the demo of KIS 2010, and it was even better. Anyone who currently runs a paid anti-virus product, when your license expires, GO KASPERSKY! (people using free anti-virus software should also buy kis 2010 but most people running free AV runs it because its free)


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Personally,,, I do not like any apps that call themselves Internet Security Suites..... most times thay do far more than they should and create problems they shouldn't.... I have seen more times than not,,, a so called Internet Security Suite break the internal network with no recourse but to uninstall the ISS,,,, even reinstalling doesn't fix the issue,,, unless you totaly reload the OS.

I second Drew's post on the free solution of Microsoft Security Essentials

Also,,, it has been my experience for a long time now that Kaspersky slows system performance. I know cause I check out the new versions every so often as part of a Anti Virus performance tests I do for personal reasons.

I don't know about other internet security suites but Kaspersky's is great, never had ANY trouble with it. Didn't slow my system, pretty much the same as without it.

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