Windows 8.1 Keep It Clean!

I just cleaned my PC, again and it caused me to talk about this, again & yes, I know it is, again, but, that is just OK.

I do this periodically and on a regular basis... and everyone should. I feel it is good to mention this, again, as I believe many, if not too many people don't make it practice. Granted, depending on environment & placement some towers may accumulate dust & dirt more & quicker than others yet, they, still, all need it done on some sort of interval.... say, @ least, monthly.

It is helps performance, longevity and, certainly, operating temps, especially, in regard to the CPU. It is wise to run Core Temp which, shows CPU core temperatures. IF a CPU doesn't get cooled well everything suffers. If it were to get hot enough to hit a certain threshold, the machine would, actually, shut down.

So, have can of Dust Off in your possession. Shut down the machine, unplug the power cable from it & open it up. Blow the dust out including all vents, fans, fan openings, the GPU fan (if you have one) and the CPU heat sink under its fan.

And by the way, don't blow towards the CPU. You think you are blowing crud away but, actually, you are blowing down into the heat sink (fins) & doing no good, @ all. Either remove the fan & wipe the fins off with a toothbrush OR remove the heat sink, hold it upside down & blow through the fins from the bottom towards to top.

The reason I mention Core Temp is if one notices temps are seeming a bit high or seem to be getting higher... and there was dust & dirt on that heat sink, between it & the fan... after it is cleaned those temps will be noticeably lower.

There are 3 things electronics (and definitely computers) don't like and they are water, dust & dirt and heat.

People vacuum their carpets and dust their furniture on a consistent, repetitive basis. Just because a tower is closed & therefore what is inside is not visible it, still, collects dust & dirt. Don't forget (about) this or that it, too, needs this kind of attention. Do not neglect this.


Joe S

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I just cleaned mine last weekend and it runs cooler now. For casual monitoring Speccy shows a lot of temps too.

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