Windows 7 Keyboard typed text has delayed appearance on screen


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Oct 25, 2012
Problem: slow response of text typed on the keyboard appearing on the screen. The slow response applies to just about any program, commands, cut & paste text or other text selected with the mouse. If it is keyboard typed text it is delayed.

I have a desktop with WIN 7 Ultimate, I have 8 Gig Ram, i5 -2 Gig processor, 1TB Disk drive. I notice no other changes in performance. Virus scans (Avira, Malware Bites, Webroot Secure Anywhere), show no virus or malware.

Details: The longer I use Win 7, the longer the delay. Specifically, typed text begins to show a lag before it appears on the screen and mouse generated commands also show a lag before the finish of execution. The lag is not program dependent; typing text into an email, a Word document or any other document has the same delay. Same applies for mouse commands; selecting an email document to open, tapping “enter” to change web pages or the “save” command in Word – all have the same delay. The delay becomes several seconds and only about the first 4 or 5 typed characters appear. Several seconds later the remaining typed characters will appear, but not all characters of a long sentence.

I can “shut down” and restart and the delay in not immediately present, but after several minutes of use, the delay starts and continues to get longer.

Would appreciate any trouble shooting procedures or suggestions. After a while the delay makes the computer just about unusable


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Jul 4, 2015
First thing I would try.
Open an elevated command prompt and run sfc /scannow if it finds any issues reboot.
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