Windows 7 Kinect Code Camp 2011: Team Chupacabra

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    Last week we had our Kinect launch with a special Channel 9 Live event. Just prior to this we held a 24 hour Code Camp to allow developers to play with the Kinect SDK for 24 hours and see what they could come up with. I interviewed the teams after the event to take a look at their project and get an idea of the challenges and surprises they found as they worked with the SDK.
    Team Chupacabra consists of Rick Barraza, Adam Kinney, and Dennis Delimarsky. The project leverages Kinect on one end and another player at distance using a Windows Phone. A typical use case would be a parent playing a game with a child while the parent is traveling.
    For more on the Kinect SDK, you can watch our live event here, and download the Kinect SDK from MSR here.



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