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NEWS King Charles made ruler of France in historical blunder


Cooler King
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Apr 15, 2009
New versions of one of the oldest ecclesiastical books in the English language are being withdrawn from sale after they mistakenly stated that Charles III was the King of France and Ireland.
Cambridge University Press, known as the King’s Printer, publishes the Book of Common Prayer on behalf of the Crown and makes alterations to the text when the Church of England instructs it to do so.

After receiving Royal Warrants instructing it to make changes following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, new prayer books were printed with updates to reflect the accession of the King.

However, during the printing process at Cambridge University Press, someone inadvertently replaced the name of Elizabeth I with that of Charles III in the ratification, dating from 1571, of the Thirty-Nine Articles at the back.

It meant the new version of the prayer book erroneously stated that the King ruled over England, France and Ireland, and not Scotland or Wales.
https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/worl...n&cvid=acb62e30157b4975b8e6467fff60282c&ei=13 :razz:
translation they asked an Ai to just replace "Elizabeth" with "Charles" because paying a human costs more
Looks that way.