Windows 7 Kodak ESP 7


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Feb 7, 2009
I just installed this new printer because my old HP PSC 1209 was feeling its age. It seemed to install and when I open Kodak's Home Center the printer is connected. However if I try to open the properties page I get an error message and if I try to print from anywhere not only will it not print, but then the application (Word 2007) will crash. After all of that the printer then indicates that it isn't connected until I restart the PC.

Anyone else seen this and know a workaround? I'd like to buy this when it goes gold, but not if my printer isn't going to work.

I'ved tried the driver disk that comes with it, and also explicity tried to install Vista drivers just to see if there was a difference and there wasn't.

It's not working and Kodak is aware of it. There is supposed to be a beta program soon. I noticed today that the home center had an update to version 3.3, even though "check for updates" shows nothing. The only "improvement" in 3.3 is that I can get output from the "print setting" button when I go into "configure settings", I couldn't do that before. Oddly enough, the scanner has always worked fine. I hope they do something soon, it's a great printer.
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