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Could someone please tell me what the difference, if any, there are between installing an original English version of Windows 7 (or 8 for that matter) and installing an English Language Pack through Windows Update?

So far, I just understand that I need either an Ultimate or Enterprise version of Windows 7 to do this on W7 or any version for W8.

Are there any fundamental differences in looks, performance or usability between ordering an English OS and just installing the Language Pack? Buying a computer in Germany but would much prefer an English OS!



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If your Windows 7 comes with German language and you want English instead, then yes..... you need Win 7 Ultimate because you cannot install Language Pack unless you have the right version.
Windows 7 Home Premium version or lower can NOT install language Pack.

excerpt : Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise can switch easily between 35 display languages—watch this video to see how. (0:41)

Thanks for the reply, but I think you've just comfirmed what I said I knew. :)
What I'd actually like to know is whether there's any difference in changing the language with the language pack or getting the right language in the first place.


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Language Pack is for users who need to use multiple languages in the same computer.
The English in the Pack is no different than a computer with just English display language.
If you want English only computer, then buy one with English language. However, that might not be easy if you live in a country whose national language is not English and computers sold there have different display language than English. Hence, the Language Pack.

Thank you! Very clear.

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