Language packs - back port VISTA one's ??

Hi all
I'd like to try some scandanavian language packs for "Normal" users for testing W7.
I've seen a few for Windows 7 but none for Icelandic.

Anybody think the Windows VISTA language packs could be made to work in W7. I know this is the RC but I'd like to be able to test W7 BEFORE RTM with some "Real" i.e Office type users.

Most people on these forums are usually fairly "Computer competant" and don't mind tinkering around but I'd really like to start some testing with "typical Office" type users -- althoough they can speak English of course it would be nice to test in a "Real" environment" that they will be using in their normal every day applications.

W7 RC has passed all the tests I've needed to run -- and I haven't been able to "Break" it yet.

Now I'm looking forward to doing a company upgrade when W7 RTM is released. It would be nice to be "ahead of the game" by trying to test with some "power users" to prepare for any snags when "doing it for real"..


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